We are family of crafters and cosplayers! We’ve been attending the convention scene for over 10 years. During that time we’ve become large fans of cosplay and crafts of all sorts. After making our own crafts for a time, we thought they might be good enough to put out to the other fans of the convention scene, cosplayers and crafters. Now we spend our nights, sewing, 3D printing, sanding, and working pliers, to make pop-culture related sewing projects, chainmaille art, cosplay and other crafts. We’re true fans of just about most aspects of the scene, and love interacting with other fans and geeking out over common geekdom. If you ever see us at a convention or an event, stop by, say hello and take at look at what we have.

Almost all of our items can be customized, so if you want something specific, just let us know! Don’t see it our table, website or Etsy store, just contacts us and we will try to make it happen!

Your Team of Experts~

Micheal, Robin, Charles and Micah